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Classes Student + Teacher

 Saturday, April 06, 2013 published by Exercises C#
Proposed exercise

  • Create a new project, and include in it the class Person that you just created.
  • Create a class "Student" and another class "Teacher", both descendants of "Person".
  • The class "Student" will have a public method "GoToClasses", which will write on screen "I’m going to class."
  • The class "Teacher" will have a public method "Explain", which will show on screen "Explanation begins". Also, it will have a private attribute "subject", a string.
  • The class Person must have a method "SetAge (int n)" which will indicate the value of their age (eg, 20 years old).
  • The student will have a public method "ShowAge" which will write on the screen "My age is: 20 years old" (or the corresponding number).
  • You must create another test class called "StudentAndTeacherTest" that will contain "Main" and:
    • Create a Person and make it say hello
    • Create a student, set his age to 21, tell him to Greet and display his age
    • Create a teacher, 30 years old, ask him to say hello and then explain.


using System;
class Person
    protected int age;

    public void Greet()

    public void SetAge(int n)
        age = n;

class Student : Person
    public void ShowAge()
        Console.WriteLine("My age is: {0} years old", age);

class Teacher : Person
    private string subject;

    public void Explain()
        Console.WriteLine("Explanation begins");

class StudentAndTeacherTest
    static void Main()
        bool debug = false;

        Person myPerson = new Person();

        Student myStudent = new Student();

        Teacher myTeacher = new Teacher();

        if (debug)