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CRUD operations

Last updated: 8/23/2020 Difficulty: Intermediate

Create a C# program that allows you to perform CRUD operations from SQLite, the program must have the following menu:

  • 1. Add
  • 2. Show
  • 3. Edit
  • 4. Delete
  • 5. Exit

First prepare a SQLite version 3 database of people with a person table using the input's SQL query. Then create the CRUD operations (add, view, edit, and delete).


Ask the user for a name and age and insert the data into the database.


Show all the people saved in the database.


Request the person's code from the user and, if it exists, request the new name and age to modify the data in the database.


Request the person's code from the user and if it exists, delete the person from the database.


End the program.

You don't have to worry about the person's code as it is auto-incremental.


create table if not exists person
   cod integer primary key autoincrement,
   name varchar(20),
   age int




SQLite Databases

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